Below are some selected videos to summarize FOR, OF, and AS types of assessment. These provide brief reminders of what these are and how they are used. For more about this topic see our Youtube assesment play list.

Classroom Management

Classroom management is an incredibly complex area. The best advice is know your students and plan well, keeping their needs in mind. Youtube Class Management playlist


Whether planning an activity, a lesson, unit, or course, the focus must always be on "What the students going to DO?"

Our Youtube Planning playlist


Teacher Roles and Needs

Teachers play an increasing number of roles in schools and classrooms. These videos show some of the scope of what these roles are.

Our Youtube Teacher Rolesplaylist



You know that all students are not the same, but how to you plan for that and implement it? For more about this topic see our Youtube differentiation play list.

Higher order thinking


Our Youtube HOTS playlist

Technology Infusion

What are the best ways to use technology in your classroom? That depends on many factors but here are some videos that will give you good ideas. Our Youtube technology playlist

Teacher Induction

Anticipating that first year as a new teacher? For more about this topic see our Youtube teacher induction playlist.

Asking good questions


Our Youtube Good Questions playlist

Teacher self care

It's hard but you have to take care of yourself! You want to be dedicated and be a great teacher, but you can't do this if you don't maintain some balance.
Our Youtube self care playlist