Teacher Candidate Needs - Teacher Roles

Teacher Roles

Student teachers will have to understand all the planning that goes into being successful: yearly, units, lesson, activities, labs, etc. They should also learn how they fit into the larger school and division goals, objectives and plans.

There is research to show that being an ‘activator’ shows more success than being a ‘facilitator .Hattie lists the qualities of an 'activator' teacher; (slides 30-32) qualities asociated with increased learning: reciprocal teaching, feedback, student self-verbalization, meta-cognition, challenging goals, and direct instruction res some of them.

There are many times when teachers are called on to act as support persons for students or even as ‘advocates’ on behalf of students.

Class Community Builder
A class is more than a number of individual students. Teachers actively work at building those individuals into some kind of community.

 Assessment is a large and often daunting part of being a teacher.Check the videos, research, ideas pages for more..

Forms, report cards, forms, organizing students, teams, and events are all part of the experience.

Teachers often have their own classroom, but are always a part of the larger school community and need to be active participants in developing policy and procedures and in assisting with some of the teams, clubs, activities, and projects within the school.
Teachers also can benefit from getting to know their colleagues in school and at staff functions.