self care

You should want to be the best teacher you can be! You can only do that if you are healthy.

You should work really hard to help students learn and grow. You can only do that if you don't burn out.

For example - here are 4 tips from Edmodo to help you think through to manage all the demands.

100 Things I wish someone had told me about teaching!

5 Way Teachers Can Have a Work-Life Balance


Know Yourself

Find your style, take advantage of your strengths and work hard on your weaknesses.

Try some personality quizzes to see what you learn and maybe try the needs assessment link on the research page

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Be Yourself

You are not the same as your favourite teacher or professor, nor are you exactly like any of your students. You can't pretend to be them but you can try to understand them.

However you also have to take care not to burn out.

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