This page offers a collection of resources especially curated for student teachers. The topics range from planning to teacher induction and survival. Feel free to look around at information about inclusion, classroom management, assessment, teacher roles and self-care, goal setting and unit planning.

Some of what you find will be familiar and some will challenge your thinking about the teaching and learning process. You will have to decide what will work for you in your current situation, but be aware that as your situation changes you may need to adopt different ideas and practices.

Manitoba - Beginning Teacher's Handbook


Choose how you want to learn


The videos have been selected to both remind and to challenge you. There are a variety of topics and the content will change as we find more and better videos for you/

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Go to our research page to find links to good research on a variety of topics relating to improving your teaching practice.


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News & Ideas for teaching

Want to explore some new ideas to expand your teaching repetoire? This is the place to look. This is the pedagogy behind the new practices - whether it's apps or hands-on.

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