Lesson/Activity/Unit Plan

Without a clear idea of what is supposed to happen during the observed time, the data becomes essentially meaningless. Follow the link for more about planning. More ...

Class background

It is important for the observer to gain some understanding of the nature of the classroom and the students before the observation. This can be done with the student teacher, cooperating teacher, principal or better still, all of these. The link will lead to some ideas of what you might want to know, but of course, you may have other ideas as well. Read More..

Find teacher’s concerns

When beginning the process of self-initiation it is important to allowyou, the student teacher to begin with an area where you feel confident and then move to areas where you feel more vulnerable. You may want to list the confident areas and the vulnerable areas and develop a plan to work through some o fthese. Here is a link to some samples

Decide which concerns can be observed

When you decide together what area to examine you need to move from the general/ambiguous ideas to specifics:

  • Are you observing the students or the student teacher?
  • What kind of information can be collected to capture the information?
  • What are clear indicators of what happened?
  • Link to samples

    Agree on data format

    Decide prior to the observation how the data will be collected and set up any necessary forms or tools to accomplish this. Samples

    Set time and place

    Make sure you have the details right.