Leeson and Unit Planning

Goals for class/lesson/unit/activity

There are many lesson/unit planning formats. Most of them focus on what the teacher is going to do. Whichever one you choose make sure that your plans focus on what the students are going to DO to learn the curricular outcomes. If your plan is too teacher-centered it should be reworked to place more emphasis on the student actions.
            ex. Activate, Acquire, Apply, Assess
            ex. Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate


Are they ready and appropriate?

Are they easy distributed or accessible?
Are there differing strategies / assignments / assessments?
If you are relying on certain equipment or technology, have you tested it in that environment?

Contingencies for individuals

Most classes are comprised of a variety of learners. Knowing about language issues, reading and math levels, cultural differences, learning plans, special needs, etc. makes planning for all students to succeed more possible.

More about your learners.

Assessment Ideas

Assessment should measure what has been learned against what you were planning for the students to learn. What they are to learn may range from remembering facts and procedures to analyzing large scale problems and trying to create solutions. The assessment should focus on measuring the goals appropriately.

Also bear in mind that your rubric should focus on the learning and not necessarily the product students produce. If you are looking for analysis, then don’t place much value on the video techniques they used or how well their group worked together. On the other hand if the point is to learn to produce good video, then assessing the content may be secondary to the technique and group work.

Backup plan

Seldom does a lesson go exactly according to plan. Schools are fraught with interruptions to say nothing of the interruptions that happen within the classroom. Sometimes an activity that is supposed to last 30 minutes ends in 10 minutes. Have some extensions ideas ready for these situations. At other times time will fly by and you are only halfway through what you planned to do. Have a way to draw closure to what has been accomplished and a strategy to continue at another time.


Each learner is an individual

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Every child deserves the best education they can get.

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Higher Order Thinking Skills

We talk a lot in education about higher order thinking and how important it is, but it cannot happen without progress in other levels of knowledge. Facts and skills are important too.

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Technology Integration

There are times whn digital technolgies will be key for student learning. There will be times when the technology gets int he way.

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