Teacher Candidate Needs - Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Please refer to the section on teacher roles. This might help give ideas about how to relate your strengths and challenges to setting useful goals.

For a new teacher or student teacher setting goals can be difficult. There are so many roles a teacher plays, so many things to plan, resources to go through, and students you need to know.

You have to choose goals that will have impact, but you have to be selective and choose attainable goals. This should not be an agonizing process about choosing just the right goal! Whatever goal you choose will enhance many aspects of your teaching. As you get better at one thing, others will fall into place as you go through the learning process. Nothing in education exists in isolation from everything else; it’s all connected.

So browse through the roles of a teacher, think about your strengths and challenges and make a choice. Whatever you improve on will make you better and will have a broader impact. It will also make it easier to choose other goals as you progress in your career.

You may want to create a chart of Strengths and Areas to Consider to help you choose specific goals.

Or you might want to create personal rating scales for different categories such as planning, student awareness, technology infusion, appropriate assessment, staff relations, etc.

It is possible to work at different goals at the same time. Different situations present different challenges but too many goals at the same time will lead to frustration.

Big Goals

How does your philosophy of education tie into your everyday decisions?

Short Term Goals

What are students supposed to learn and demonstrate after this activity. lesson, unit?