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Observe to Grow

O2G is the result of much observation and consulation. The MediaWise Solutions team collectively has many years of teaching, educational technology, administrative, and faculty experience.

MediaWise Solutions Inc has been providing digital solutions to business and education for over 15 years. We have changed as the industry has changed, taking advantage of new technologies to bring the best prodcuts to our clients

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The O2G process highlights the need for student teachers to take initiative in the learning/observation process and then be the first to reflect on the data that has been collected..




What is Observe to Grow?

  • O2G is designed to provide prospective teachers will quality information which they can then analyze to improve their practice. Data collection is made easy so that it can be done frequently and the process becomes nonthreatening.
  • Valid, easy to collect, non-judgemental information is the basis of O2G, but the process demands that the person being observed must be the first person to reflect on, and comment on the information.


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