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ObserveToGrow is an observation app specifically designed for student teachers and new teachers but is useful for all teachers who want to learn more about their craft. With O2G you can collect data about your movement, interactions, questionaing technique, and management statements. The data will inspire great educational conversations.

S.I.R process

Self-Initiation & Reflection
Teachers need to learn how to work at improving their craft. They need to take initiative in getting good information ...

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Observe To Grow Videos

How to use the app! Our short Youtube videos will show you how to setup and use the data gathering features of our ObserveToGrow app.

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Planning for growth

Without a clear idea of what is supposed to happen during the observed time, the data becomes essentially meaningless. It is important

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Self Care

Teaching can be a hectic, stressful experience. In order to survive and thrive, student teachers need to learn how to care for themselves.

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Although assessment should be part of the planning process, we include it here as a separate section to acknowledge how important this piece of the teaching and learning process is. Research shows that formative (or for) assessment is an essential part of student learning.

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